Cyber Defenders

Thank you for joining Cyber Defenders Series: Part 1!

What are federal, state, and local agencies doing right now at the nexus of supply chain management and cybersecurity? In the first installment of Cyber Defenders, we focused on supply chain risk management (SCRM) and explored best practices for balancing regulations and security. We featured a defense session with Defense One, a federal civilian session with Nextgov, and a state and local session with Route Fifty, this event convened top experts in each field to discuss cybersecurity ramifications at all levels of government. Thank you for joining one or all of the sessions to investigate what stakeholders--including executive agencies, the private sector, public-private partnerships, FFRDCs, and academia--need to bring to the table, and how government agencies and third-party suppliers can practice good cyber hygiene. Stay tune for Cyber Defenders Series: Part 2 coming in May!